Monday, December 21, 2009

Braxtons Baptism

Our oldest son just got baptised. Boy do I feel old! He was really nervous and had to breathe in and out ALOT of times! It was cute. We are so proud of him! I wish that I would have been more with it and have gotten a picture of all the people that came to support Braxton and his big day! He felt so good that so many people came to see him. We have such good friends and family. Thank you all for coming! Here are a few pictures of him on his Baptism day.
We got one picture of him and some friends. (Left to Right) Hunter, Braxton, Kaylee, Taylor and Haydon.
Wow they grow up fast!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Halloween - Better late than never!

I know that it is almost Christmas, but I have been obviously slacking in the blogging department!! I am not good at keeping up on my posts, and I have almost given up on this whole blog thing all together!! However, my little sister has talked me out of it, so here is my attempt at starting to catch up. Here is our Halloween pics. and our pumpkin carving.
This is my lovely Kaylee aka Hannah Montana.
This is the cutest little dragon ever, aka Kohen.
This is Wolverine aka Braxton.
And last but not least my pretty Snow white aka Ella.

Kohen love love loved playing in the pumpkin goo. He thought it was the best thing ever. It did help entertain him while we helped the kids carve thier pumpkins!
Kaylee is getting the carving party started!!
Nate had to scoop out all the guts because I was not very good at it! He could get those babies clean. The ones I started had all the nasty hangy strings in them still. Oh well, that's the husbands job right!! :)
I had to put at least one picture of me in there to prove I was invloved! lol It seems that the wife's are always the ones taking the pictures and are never the ones in them. My contribution was the cutting. I did all the faces and Nate did all the degutting!

Here are their finished projects. They all picked what they wanted on the front, and helped draw them on first. Ella wanted a sun.

Braxton wanted a bat, which he drew all by himself!!

And Kaylee wanted a funny face which she helped draw also. It was fun, but I can't wait until the can cut them out themselves!! lol

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Misc. Days

I just wanted to put on a few fun pics of what my kids do. Currently this is the girls favorite thing to do, push Kohen around in the doll strollers. He fits just perfect. Kinda snug so he won't fall out. And he LOVES it! They won't be able to do it much longer so I say what the heck!
Kohen has officially figured out how to get the chair out from the table and push it to where he wants to get something. He has learned this of course by watching his older siblings!! Now I have to keep my ears open to make sure he doesn't go in there and climb on the counters! He makes me so nervous! He's a busy boy for sure!
Kaylee and Ella love to make marker swords and towers. I kind of remebering doing this as a kid as well. But here they are in all their glory with their marker swords and tower!

And last but not least. Kohen and the Rock Band drums. He looks like a natural don't ya think?! He thinks that he needs to bang on them like everyone else. And he does. We almost can't get them out when he's awake because we can't really play it! I just think he looks so darn cute here! :)

Fun at play

So this is a glimps at what my kids like to do when I am preoccupied with a project, or cleaning, or just not paying attention to what they are doing!! This is their "fort" they said. We had strict orders not to wreck it. It is made out of every pillow and every blanket out of all the bedrooms, minus bedspreads. It is on the landing between the 2 levels stairs. Before I knew what they made Braxton came down stairs and said "this is the funnest day ever." They were sad to have to pick it up when the night was over. They wanted to sleep there. But that made me nervous!! Here are different views of their "awesome fort!"

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Linder Farms Ward Party

The people that own Linder Farms are in our ward and were SO KIND to share it with us for a ward party! They kids thought that it was the funnest thing ever. They did not want to leave!! This was the Hay ride.Braxton, Kaylee, Ella, and Kohen on my lap.
Nate and Kohen. He didn't want to sit the whole ride. It was hard to contain him. He wanted to walk around.

This is Kaylee and Braxton in the hay maze.
Ella and Kohen in the hay maze.
Ella in the hay maze.
Braxton and Kaylee on the cow train.
Ella on the cow train.They had these swings behind this gate that they didn't have running for this night and Kohen wanted in them soooo bad. This is him trying to fit through the rails to get into the swings. It was really funny!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

For Labor Day weekend we decided to do something layed back but out of the house. We went with our friends the Madisons to Swan Falls to have a picnic. They had some rocks on the side of the hill that the kids loved climbing on. They found a couple lizards too. They thought that was pretty cool!! It was a fun relaxing day.
Cute Nevaeh eating a cheeto from lunch.
Ella and Aliya were being adventure some and were looking at the water. Too cute!
Kaylee was juming off the rocks.
Jay was helping the kids climb higher and also posing for the camera like everybody else!! :)
This was Kohen and Navy thinking that they were big kids and wanted to climb where the big kids were.
Ella and Aliya trying to figure out how to climb rocks in flip flops!

You can barely see, but to the right of my cute kaylee posing for the camera, Hayden was crawling through a little crack that went from the front to the back. He was the only one who braved it, with a bit of daring from his dad!! :) Good job Hayden. There were a ton of spider webs in it, I wouldn't have gone!! :)
There is Braxton posing for us.

Kaylee, Hayden and Braxton.

Friday, September 11, 2009

First day of school

The first day of school is always an exciting day. Kaylee was a bit nervous. Once she met the teacher and saw all the kids that she didn't know she didn't want to go anymore. Which I thought was wierd cuz she is my outgoing girl that loves to make new friends. However she did survive and hasn't complained, so it couldn't have been too bad.Braxton new what to expect and was good to go. Which made me a bit sad. Once they grow up and everything is "cool" they don't need you quite as much anymore and makes me wish that time would slow down a bit.!
Here they are all excited and ready to pose for me!! I love it. :)